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Much More Than Radiators

Complete Tank Repair and Servicing in Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s Regions

Our shop is fully equipped to sell and service gas tanks, fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, oil pans, and more. Whether you need to buy a new gas tank or refurbish a tank or oil pan, we can help.


We’re the only shop east of Quebec specializing in refurbishing tanks using a special plural component coating. We have the expertise and experience needed to properly fix your tank, whether it’s an antique vehicle gas tank, a motorcycle tank, a diesel fuel tank, a hydraulic tank, or an oil pan.


We’re among the few shops that can provide a complete aluminum fuel tank de-fuming, cleaning, and repair service. We can remove and install all tanks at our shop, regardless of the type of vehicle or equipment the tank is for. Count on us for reliable tank repair and servicing in Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada or the entire Atlantic Coast of Canada.

Tank Services

Tank repairs and rebuilding

New tanks

Automotive and industrial tanks

Aluminum and steel tanks

Oil pans

Sending units

Gas tanks, diesel fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, and more

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Tank Servicing and Repairs

Our experienced technicians can provide efficient tank servicing and repairs using state-of-the-art tools.

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