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Top-notch Sandblasting and Rim Refinishing Services in Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s Provinces

At Multi Radiator Services Ltd, we provide professional sandblasting and rim refinishing services to Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s provinces. We have amassed many years of experience in this field and have developed expertise. Our facility has all the equipment and machinery to provide premium quality services. We serve the entire Atlantic Coast of Canada.


If you want to look at some of our client work, feel free to explore the gallery page on our site. You can also give us a call if you have any questions related to our sandblasting and rim refinishing services.


Sandblasting is a process where high pressure is applied to a stream of abrasive material on a surface to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove impurities from it. We have high-end equipment and a very experienced team of technicians that can give you precisely what you are looking for. Our team can blast all kinds of miscllaneous things (basically anything that will fit in our blast room). The different media we use for blasting is Aluminum Oxide and glass bead.


Our sandblasting services are available if you have any of the following requirements:


Farm equipment

Industrial equipment

Mining equipment

Structural steel

Custom media blasting

Bike frames



Landscaping equipment

Vehicle parts

Restoration car and truck parts

Rim Refinishing

With delicate reconditioning equipment and sophisticated gear, the process of refinishing removes scratches, scuffs, curb damage, discolouration, and corrosion. In addition, our skilled team uses unique procedures to ensure that the restored wheel looks as near as possible to a new and undamaged wheel. There are lots of benefits to having a rust-free rim or wheel. Let our team of experts provide you with a professional finish and enjoy longer service, better air retention, and less tire bead damage. Call Multi Radiator Services Ltd in Moncton for further details.

Rusty rim

Rusty Rim

Sandblasted rim


Final sandblasted rims

Finished Product


We start with a dirty and rusty wheel or rim

The wheel is then put through a sandblasting process to ensure a 100% rust-free wheel to be painted

The wheel is then coated with DTM Urethane rust-resistant paint designed especially for wheel and rim applications

Silver forged alloy car rim

Why Should You Refinish a Wheel or Rim?

Once a wheel is blasted, it is much easier to see cracks and other defects which may require the wheel or rim to be removed from service. Once a professional finish is applied, you'll see the benefits, such as:

Ease of mounting and dismounting tires

Less tire bead damage

Better air retention

Longer wheel and rim service

When Should You Refinish a Wheel or Rim?

You should consider getting a refinish for your wheel or rim when:

Rust is present between the bead and seat areas of the wheel or rim

Build-up or rust, rubber or debris is present at the bead seat of a wheel or rim

Rust is present on the inside or outside of the bolt hole area of the wheel

Over 20% of the wheel or rim surface exhibits visible rust

Dry paint thickness exceeds 3 mils on the inside or outside of the bolt hole pattern of the wheel

Sandblasting Experts

Our team can provide you high-quality sandblasting services along with rim refining.

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