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Much More Than Radiators

Eastern Canada's Heat-transfer Specialists

We can repair all kinds of radiators, condensers, air conditioners and other machinery.

Quality Radiator Services for Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s Cities

Located in Caledonia Industrial Park in Moncton, Multi Radiator Services Ltd runs one of Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s most modern radiator services facilities and is a leader in industrial heat transfer. We are equipped to service radiators, air coolers, oil coolers, shell and tube heat exchangers, steam heaters and much more. Our highly qualified and experienced team will do the project correctly. We also replace and repair automobile gas tanks, big diesel tanks, and oil pans using cutting-edge technology.


We understand how critical your requirements are. To minimize downtime and ensure a quick turnaround, we have the most extensive and most diverse inventory on hand. We serve the entire Atlantic Coast of Canada.


Our shop is fully equipped to remove and install the items we service. Reach out to us to know about our services in detail. If you wish to look at some of the projects we have worked on, visit our gallery page.

Our Specialities

We have a diverse team that can provide you with a multitude of services such as:


Oil coolers

Air coolers


Heating and cooling coils

Steam heaters

Oil pans


A/C condensers and evaporators

Shell and tube heat exchangers

Gas tanks, fuel tanks, and hydraulic tanks

Minor welding (steel and aluminum)

Rim refinishing

Markets Served

Over the years, Multi Radiator Services Ltd has successfully been serving the transportation, mining, marine, and forestry industries of Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada’s Provinces, including off-road vehicles and stationary units.

Our Suppliers

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Spectra Premium Industries

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Cancore Industries

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Copper Core

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A&I Products

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Northern Factory

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Remco Air

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ADF Diesel

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Montreal Radiator Inc.

 Titan logo
Graco logo

We are an authorized warranty repair facility for Graco and Titan paint sprayers.

If you are looking for reliable paint sprayer services, trust Multi Radiator Services Ltd.

Staff of multi radiator services

A Family Business

A part of a large radiator

Radiator and Heat Transfer Services

Some large metallic parts

Our Moncton Facility

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