Heat Transfer Services

As a member of the International Heat Transfer Association (NARSA), Multi Radiator Services Ltd.is your go-to expert for help with heat transfer components. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with new units as well as heat-exchanger re-tubing, re-coring, modifications, fabrication, and more.

For any questions, call us or come and see us! Our facility is located in Moncton's Caledonia Industrial Park.

Sales and service of automotive radiators:

  • Complete new radiators, heaters, A/C condensers and evaporators
  • Copper and aluminum recores
  • Aluminum racing radiators
  • Repair of copper or aluminum radiators

Sales and service of heavy duty equipment radiators:

heavy duty equipment radiators
  • New recores (modification and fabrication)
  • Stationary unit radiators
  • Forestry and mining equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Highway trucks
  • Specialized equipment

Sales, service and remanufactured:

oil coolers
  • Aluminium, copper, brass and steel oil coolers
  • Hydraulic system, engine and torque oil coolers
  • Air to air coolers

Cleaning, repairing, rebuilding, or complete remanufacturing of:

Tube heat exchangers and coils
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Steam heater coils
  • Chiller coils
  • Specialty coils
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